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Pittsburgh show

You know, remember, freshman year of college, those nights in bed with a good woman, drunk on three glasses of wine, listening to Nothing Makes Sense Without It and wondering if the future’s really that bleak for us ("Shaggy Dog" ripped your still beating heart from your fucking chest, you know). Or that time you skipped seeing Ben and the full-band play in an arena-sized venue with Saves the Day ($16 tickets and "little kids" "moshing" were a little more than you wanted to bargain for) and instead stayed home, drank cheap beer, and rocked the shit out of Bridges Worth Burning, but sort of regretted it later. There was a day when most all my mix-tapes had "Your Favorite Actor."

I’ve been waiting a good five-six years to see Ben play; he finally came through Pittsburgh a few nights ago: holy shit, the show, fucking amazing. Yeah, I was real drunk, but shit it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

I’m doing my best to remember the set list; I probably left a few out. In a very vague order:

- A Song for You (Leon Russell cover)
- You Got Served
- Canaries
- Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)
- Team Reasonable
- Two Phil Ochs covers (neither of which I knew)
- Sheriff Ochs
- Grapes
- Bird of a Feather
- 26 is too Soon
- Free Advice
- A Thought from the Kitchen Floor (I’m not sure if he played this, I can’t remember)
- Share the Road
- Finishing
- Passionate (I think I pissed a few people off when I started screaming along, rocking the air drums hard)
- Song For Annie’s Harmonica (no harmonica)

Yeah, so, amazing show. Be smart, don’t miss this tour.
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