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[15 Feb 2009|09:45pm]
Hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to post it again, I had to get back on an old computer and blah, blah. Anyways, here's the slotcar stuff, along with whatever I originally included with it.
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Kinda like Braid [15 Jan 2009|07:18pm]

Now, I might be behind the times here... But, i'm watching the Braid "killing a camera" dvd

and The one and only Mr. Ben Barnett is in it twice so far.. haha
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Does anyone know where I can find Ben's New EP? [15 Jan 2009|04:22am]

"Songs About Zombies and Trust Issues"
I've found the set-list
but can't find the songs, any help?

1 Leave My Friends Alone
2 Pop
3 Future Basic
4 Best of Things
5 Why Can't This Be Canada?
6 Our First Brains
7 Song Number 4
8 Part Of Two
9 Jealous Guy
10 DCG Down A Step
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i am 80% sure this is from a kind of like spitting song [02 May 2008|03:41pm]

does anyone know what song these lyrics are from:
"i want to be the color in the backs of your eyes and the reason you walk around blind" ??

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Songs on Ben's MySpace [10 Mar 2008|03:50pm]

I put out a request a couple weeks ago about downloading tracks off Ben's MySpace, and some very nice people uploaded the tracks onto Sendspace and whatnot. Ben has uploaded some new stuff and I want to download those, but they aren't enabled. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get around that? I really like "John's Song" and would love to iPod that shit instantly.

Any help would be awesomely appreciated. I have some Slotcar and KoLS stuff available to upload on request, too.

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Bridges Worth Burning demos [18 Jan 2008|07:04pm]

These are the Bridges Worth Burning demos that were on the Japanese edition of the album. I don't know how to zip file stuff, so like a chump, I've uploaded them one by one onto Sendspace.


Also, has anyone had any luck in downloading the Blunt Mechanic stuff from Ben's Myspace? I can't get it to work.
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Slotcar songs [18 Jan 2008|05:53pm]
Hi everyone. Here is a link to download the Slotcar songs. It's slow, but it's free and it works. Let me know if it stops, and I'll upload it again. It's the four Slotcar songs, then a bunch of other songs that I had in the folder labeled 'slotcar', but I'm not sure if they were Slotcar, or the Kind of Like Spitting cassette tape. It was awhile ago. But it's all in there, I'm sure someone can clarify better.

Does anyone have the 'Ben and Meridith' songs? Those are impossible to find. Or the 'Live in Seattle'?
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[03 Jan 2008|02:47am]

So I just found the Cash Money Bro.'s live recording after feeling really in need of Ben's voice. It made me real happy. Hopefully everyone's heard the new stuff on his myspace.. and that he's changed the name to include Blunt Mechanic, which probably means more to come. I'm excited. Anyway, I was hoping someone might have recordings of any of the other bands? I've got the thermals, and I think I have the worker bee demos. I'm hoping for Slotcar..
Anything of David's other things would be crazy awesome too? The Real Diego.. etc?

Ps- David's new cover of Tom T Hall is ADDICTING.
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i'd really appreciate it!! [11 Dec 2007|03:17pm]

could anyone upload "Lay Some Happiness On Me"?
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left-overs [13 Nov 2006|11:14am]

Everyone has been helpful in gathering these songs together...I'm just re-asking if anyone out there have any of these which remain:
No, no girl (I'm at the backdoor)
You have to let me try again
Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)
Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cver)
or any other songs people would consider rarities...
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left-overs? [13 Nov 2006|11:13am]

Everyone has been helpful in gathering these songs together...I'm just re-asking if anyone out there have any of these which remain:
No, no girl (I'm at the backdoor)
You have to let me try again
Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)
Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cver)
also any other songs anyoe else has out there that they think should be on a rarities list

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last song from kols? [30 Oct 2006|12:46am]

I read online that there are a bunch of kols songs that I cannot find:
What are friends for? - from 'Shake down in animal town'
Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)
Fire Alarm
Love is a sickness (Novi Split cover)
No, no girl (I'm at the backdoor)
People (Andrew Jackson Jihad)
Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cver)
You have to let me try again
'What Will We Do With Our Hair?' - 4 untitled demos featuring Meredith and Ben (Ben's
Art of the Underground 7" single.
Snake Apartment WORK/DEATH split

does anyone know abot these, and if you do, could you help me find them
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The end of Kind of Like Spitting (?) [10 Oct 2006|12:20am]


It's a sad day. I wish him the best, though.
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[24 Sep 2006|01:54pm]

Tonight. The Lily Pad in Cambridge. 8PM

Kind Of Like Spitting (Hush/Barsuk/Redder Records)
Jason Anderson (K Records)
ette (local folk-pop duo)
Brendan P. Hogan (folk-punk from MA)

Suggested Donation: $7

e-mail joejennings@mac.com for any additional details
even more info at http://lily-pad.net/
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The Wetlands NC 9/18/06 [24 Sep 2006|04:11am]

Just thought I'd put a little blurb out there about this show.

Ben was looking tired as shit, but still did a great job per usual. Sort of a subdued set, solo electric guitar. Here are some songs I remember:

Song for You
We Got As Far As Minnesota
Blue Period
You Got Served
Free Advice
Little Time Bomb
You Can't Get Stoned Enough
Team Reasonable
Why I Smoke Mad Weed
Canaries into Untitled (on Bridges)

Definently go out and show some love.
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so just to say anything [22 Sep 2006|05:16pm]

[ mood | Tired ]

I have a very specific Kind of like spitting memory. This is how I first came to know and love them... and seeing as I am less then a week from opening for Benny in Utica NY.. I thought I'd post this... because the last entry got my nostalgic juices flowing...

My Lovely friend Teresa went to college in 1998 she was an hour away, and we used to drive up there every weekend and go to the hardcore shows in Syracuse NY.. I was very into that then... as I got older my Tastes mellowed a little.. Around her Junior year or so We would be on the phone for hours and I'd be making up songs on the phone with her, playing guitar and singing to her.. trying to cheer her up or what not.. Or just being a jack ass..

Then one day she says "hey, i heard this band that sounds like you, when you make up songs" I thought this was funny because I wasn't trying to sound good.. just fun.. and she said they were called "Kind of like spitting" So she made me a mixed tape and it had Birds of a feather on it. I believe it was song # 4 or # 9 on the tape.. (i could be wrong)

Instantly when i heard it .. that song really did something to me.. on September 2003 we saw ben live an solo on one of his infamous acoustic tours.. he was amazing.. and From then on I got every KOLS cd tape mp3 anything i could find.. i have quite a collection.. even the famous "cash money brothers" set, and lots of live stuff.. i fell in love with his music..

I finally saw them again in Feb 2006 in NYC at the Redder Records Party at Sin-e' It was nice to see ben again. Him and I have talked on the phone a bit since then. It is nice and kind of weird to know my 2nd favorite musician of all time (#1 that is alive still) and i talk on the phone.. and that i'm going to be opening for him in a few days.. it is nice to know that Birds of a Feather is still on my top 5 favorite songs of all time..

I think music marks moments in our lives.. some amazing some painful.. KOLS is always amazing. I've never been let down musically by ben..

i know this isn't all i could say about KOLS.. but .. it is all i will say.


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Pittsburgh show [22 Sep 2006|01:51pm]
You know, remember, freshman year of college, those nights in bed with a good woman, drunk on three glasses of wine, listening to Nothing Makes Sense Without It and wondering if the future’s really that bleak for us ("Shaggy Dog" ripped your still beating heart from your fucking chest, you know). Or that time you skipped seeing Ben and the full-band play in an arena-sized venue with Saves the Day ($16 tickets and "little kids" "moshing" were a little more than you wanted to bargain for) and instead stayed home, drank cheap beer, and rocked the shit out of Bridges Worth Burning, but sort of regretted it later. There was a day when most all my mix-tapes had "Your Favorite Actor."

I’ve been waiting a good five-six years to see Ben play; he finally came through Pittsburgh a few nights ago: holy shit, the show, fucking amazing. Yeah, I was real drunk, but shit it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

I’m doing my best to remember the set list; I probably left a few out. In a very vague order:

- A Song for You (Leon Russell cover)
- You Got Served
- Canaries
- Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)
- Team Reasonable
- Two Phil Ochs covers (neither of which I knew)
- Sheriff Ochs
- Grapes
- Bird of a Feather
- 26 is too Soon
- Free Advice
- A Thought from the Kitchen Floor (I’m not sure if he played this, I can’t remember)
- Share the Road
- Finishing
- Passionate (I think I pissed a few people off when I started screaming along, rocking the air drums hard)
- Song For Annie’s Harmonica (no harmonica)

Yeah, so, amazing show. Be smart, don’t miss this tour.
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[14 Sep 2006|12:19pm]

no one will confirm the philadelphia first unitarian church annex show

it isn't on r5productions.com, where all of the church shows are listed!

i hope it is happening!


thanks you!
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UTICA NY [13 Sep 2006|07:34pm]

[ mood | KOLS is Coming!!!! ]

Hey everyone... Benny better known as Kind of Like Spitting Will be playing in UTICA NY .. Hopefully lots of upstate new yorkers are reading this and are as excited as i am... He hasn't been up here since september of 2003.. Here is the show info.

Wednesday September 27th 7pm

CLUB DISCHARGE 1104 Hart St. Utica NY 13502

THis show is $5

KOLS!!!! www.myspace.com/wehaveacrushonamygoodman

ALso playing is my lovely friend "The Cope Aesthetic" she is going on tour with benny for a few days www.myspace.com/thecopeaesthetic

"Brad Tilbe" www.myspace.com/bradtilbecom

ME!!!!! Todd LaMondie www.myspace.com/andmeyou

and maybe another band TBA....

I might be going out to hand with Benny and Kyndl on the road for a few days so come out and let KOLS know how much you love them..

for any news or info email me at Toddhoodie@hotmail.com


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tour! [05 Sep 2006|11:37pm]

hey does anyone have the details for the houston show on the 13th?
on the kols myspace page it just says TBA.  also, it looks like the austin date got taken off, but if anyone knows if thats still gonna happen anyway that would be rad too.
i'm looking forward to the show but ya can't go if you don't know where to go, right?
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